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Tirupati Steel

TIRUPATI STEEL is one of India's most trusted stainless steel pipes & manufacturing companies.

Tirupati is a proactive organization established in 2011 by its founder Mr. Gaurav Mittal with a vision to manufacture and provide Stainless Steel Tubular solution to the industry.

Tirupati Steel Company

Our Products

The company has a state-of-art plant comprising of hi-tech, sophisticated manufacturing and testing facilities, backed by a team of professional engineers and technically skilled workforce dedicated to quality commitment and product innovation. It is fully equipped to meet the need of specific widths anywhere between 20 mm to 710 mm and thickness 0.10 mm to 4.00 mm.

Welded Pipes & Tubes

Welded Pipes & Tubes

Tirupati Steel is supplying Welded Pipes & Tubes that has been produced by ERW process in different thickness, different diameter length and in different quality.

Seamless Pipes and Tube

Seamless Pipes & Tubes

We make the seamless pipe can withstand higher pressure, higher temperature, higher mechanical stress & corrosive atmosphere and find wide applications in Oil & Gas, etc.

Buttweld Fittings

Buttweld Fittings

Buttweld pipe fittings comprises of long radius elbow, concentric reducer, eccentric reducers and Tees etc. as they are important part of industrial piping system.

Seamless Fittings

Seamless Fittings

Tirupati Steel is one of the leading Manufacturers, Supplier and Exporters of High-Quality of Buttweld Pipe Fittings in India, include Alloy Steel Pipe Fittings, etc.

Why To Choose Tirupati Steel?

Premium Quality Products

Tirupati Steel provides one of the best steel products in India. We use premium quality of Material in Manufacturing process to make it durable and strong.

Streamlined Building Process

Your structural steel is fabricated off-site while your foundation and site preparation work are being completed. Then erections can be done efficiently.

Wide Range of Designs Available

We have made wide range of designs in which the steel could be made along with various shapes and textures which give you right to maximize your choices.

Shipping Facilities In India

We provide the shipping and transport facilities to complete the order of handling steel to you. You can get access to your product from your destination.

Research And Development

We focus on the research and development to make our products more better. Our dedicated team which indulge in the work of research to make it more eco-friendly.

24x7 Support Services Available

If you are facing any difficulty in booking your order, or delay in order shipping, etc., then you can contact us directly anytime. We will solve it as soon as possible.


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Review 1

Tirupati Steel provides awesome products along with excellent services & better quality, fully satisfied with quality, delivery & whole size availability. best place for all stainless steel items like pipe ,coils, sheets & accessories

Samarth Mittal

/ Steel Products Distributor


Review 2

Tirupati Steel is one of the best Steel manufacturers and steel producers in India. It provides pioneer in quality of steel, steel products, steel pipes, tubes etc. operating with cutting-edge technology.

Rahul Mehran

/ Steel Products Distributor


Review 3

Tirupati Steel has emerged as a large, growing, competitive and multi-product steel organization by delivering quality material through innovation, excellence, and dedication. It provides premium steel in awesome price.

Yuvraj Hooda

/ Steel Products Distributor

Major FAQ's

What Is A Welded Tube?

A welded stainless steel tube is produced through roll forming strips or sheets of stainless steel into a tube shape and then welding the seam longitudinally. The welded tube can also be drawn similar to seamless tubing to produce a finer weld seam with better surface finishes and tighter tolerances.

Is seamless pipe stronger of welded?

Seamless steel pipe has better pressure capacity, strength is higher than ERW welded steel pipe. So it is widely applied in high pressure equipment, and thermal, boiler industries. Generally the welding seam of the welded steel pipe is the weak point, the quality affect overall performance

Is ERW pipe cheaper than seamless?

Steel ERW tubes are generally cheaper to produce due to the simpler process, but this does not mean that they are inferior to seamless ones. The difference in strength, longevity and reliability between the two is not as high as the cost difference may suggest

How are Buttweld fittings made?

Seamless BW fittings are manufactured by cutting, heating and shaping seamless pipes into desired forms. Welded buttweld fittings have one, two or more welds, depending on the dimension, the type of fitting and the manufacturing process adopted by the mill.

What Are Seamless Fittings?

A seamless fitting is having no joined sections by itself, which is a feature demanded in a few significant applications. If compared, a normal butt weld fitting has one, two or more joins, depending on the shape and dimension, along with manufacturing process.

Does seamless pipe have a weld?

Seamless tubes are as defined – they do not have a welded seam. The tubing is manufactured through an extrusion process where the tube is drawn from a solid stainless steel billet and extruded into a hollow form.